Book Design and Typesetting

Ensuring your book makes a strong first impression begins with professional design and typesetting. Our experienced team handle these vital processes for you. Did you know that even before a reader starts to read your writing, they’ll judge your book on its design, more often than not, on an unconscious level. A well-structured book layout and clean typesetting draw readers into your writing without distraction. 

Book Design

The second most important aspect, after the writing, to making your book appeal to readers is the page design. A well designed book is easy on the eye and a pleasure to read. Whereas a book design that uses the wrong font type, very little white space, and bad formatting has the opposite result, a book that lands back on the shelf, never to read.

Book design is not about text formatting. We use the principles of design to ensure visually balanced pages, hierarchical headings, good front and back matter, and that page numbers and running heads are consistent.

If you include images in your book, we ensure they are the correct resolution for print. If you use low resolution images, it will affect the quality of your publication and you’ll end wishing you hadn’t included them in the first place. We’ll prevent that happening.


Good typesetting is a craft. With more than 35 years in the industry, we follow the guidelines around composition of text. These include no widows/orphans, keeping facing pages balanced, looking closely at hyphenation and make sure there are no inappropriate hyphens in the book. You’ll be supplied with a press-ready PDF with no errors that will cause your printer to reject the files, or worse, they don’t reject your file, but you end up with a book you’re not proud of.

Industry Best Practice

Our layout and typesetting services follow industry best practices so your self-published book makes a professional first impression that builds your credibility with readers.

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