Self Publishing Help

Do you want to publish your book yourself, but don’t quite have the confidence. Wouldn’t it be good to have someone to answer all of your questions and guide you along the way? That’s where we come in. With many years’ experience in the publishing industry, we can answer all your questions and provide help when and where you need it.

Publishing Advice

As your self publishing consultants, we can advise on optimal publishing platforms for your project. Give you advice on the best way to streamline your self publishing project and assist with freelancer selection, or you can engage us to do the work for you. We will help ensure quality control across editing, design, production, and more.

Marketing Strategies

Increasing visibility is crucial for self published books. We help you develop pre-launch buzz and can provide ongoing marketing plans scaled to your budget that leverage platforms like Amazon, book blogs, social media, author websites, and direct reader outreach.

Helping you get results

Our top priority is helping you position your self published book for maximum impact and sales. All the help you need while you retain all rights and royalties.

Let’s discuss how personalized guidance from an experienced self publishing consultant can set you up for independent publishing and marketing success.