Article Page Layout

Need a Designer For Your Magazine?

A magazine’s design sets the publication’s impression for your readers.

We are experts in creating layouts that engage your readers while staying true to your publication’s unique voice and brand.

Covers That Pop

A magazine’s cover is prime real estate to convince readers to pick up your publication. We excel at designing compelling magazine covers that stop the casual browser and turn them into an avid reader.

You need it to grab attention on crowded newsstands and clearly communicate what’s inside. That’s where we come in.

Our designers can develop creative concepts that connect with your target audience. We work with photographers and illustrators to craft bold, striking visuals. And we use typography, color, and layout for maximum impact. The cover is your first chance to tell the story within, and we’ll make sure it makes a lasting impression.

Attractive Article Layouts

Once readers open your magazine, the layout continues telling the story in a clear and interesting way. Our designers build intuitive page layouts featuring easy-to-follow hierarchies, streamlined navigation, and ample white space.

We balance images, headers, sidebars, and body content so pages feel uncluttered yet lively. Strategic use of fonts, colors, and graphic elements maintain cohesion from section to section. Readers will enjoy becoming immersed in the content, rather than distracted by chaotic designs.

A Tailored Design Strategy

We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to magazine design. Each publication has unique goals, audiences and subject matter. Our process begins with understanding your brand identity and what makes your magazine stand out.

Then we develop a customized design strategy to make that identity shine. You’ll have an opportunity to provide input each step of the way, until the final product exactly reflects your vision. Let our team effectively convey your brand story through skillful, reader-centric design.

Start designing your next cover and layouts that command attention and do justice to your hard work.

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