Guide to Self Publishing

Do you want to publish your book yourself, but don’t know where to start? Achieve a professional outcome doing it yourself. Our publishing courses, templates, tools, and personal guidance empower you to produce professional quality books independently.

DIY Publishing Courses

From writing to marketing and distribution, our comprehensive video courses detail every step needed to self-publish print and eBook formats on your own. Publish with confidence using our proven frameworks.

Formatting & Cover Templates

Effortlessly format your book’s interior and create stunning covers using our templates. Fully customised to suit your book and meet printer and online specifications.

Save Money and Retain Full Control

By providing aspiring authors like you with resources to publish your book yourself, you keep control while saving on production costs associated with other publishing routes.

Stop searching and start self publishing the easy way with our all-in-one training, templates, and tools for do it yourself publishing success.